Monday, December 5, 2011

Travel Fashion FridayOne of my favorite photo shoot from Vogue: Keira Knightley in Africa

One of my favorite photo shoots from Vogue shot in Africa with Keira Knightley
For the past 2 years I’ve been trying to find a fashion blog I really enjoy, and I realized that the blogs I have found, are great and a lot of time was put into them, but they didn’t have that bizzaz that I was looking for. That “bizzaz”, is traveling and fashion.  Many of the outfits I wear have been inspired from what I’ve seen whilst traveling.  For example, when I went to London back in 2005 I saw that many girls were wearing skinny jeans tucked into leather boots, a year later that was the style in America, and before that was the style my friends thought I looked funny, six years later and the style is still around (with some adjustments).
For awhile now I've been wanting to create a blog that focuses on fashion and traveling. Not just what are the essentials to packing, which is very important, but also to let you know what the style is like  in different cities and countries. This way you can keep your eye out whilst there for places to shop and see what they wear at your destination.
I am now going to make my dream into a reality, I will be posting every Friday something to do with fashion and travel.  Keep in mind that I’m pretty bad at keeping up with something like this HOWEVER I will make sure to do my best to stick with this promise!

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