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Coming up next week… Boston!

Stay tuned for updates on what to do in Boston. From where to go to the latest street fashion.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Megabus... The Best Way to Travel on a Dime

Keep a lookout for this sign! 

This weekend I will be taking advantage of the Megabus going from Burlington Vermont to Boston Massachusetts! While I'm there I will be telling you the cool things that I saw whilst there. As of right now I will share with you the great advantages of traveling with Megabus. 

Megabus began in England in 2003, as popularity grew they expanded to Scotland and Wales.  In 2006 it came over to America and is constantly adding more destination. What makes these buses so great is that they are very affordable; if you plan in advance you can find tickets for $1.00 each way!  My trip to Boston is costing me $10.50 round trip! You can't beat that! I've taken the bus at home from Philadelphia to New York City for $20, which is almost half of what I would have to pay for one way if I took the train. 

The buses are all air conditioned, the drivers are friendly and there is plenty of room, some of them are double-decker buses! Another bonus to this bus is that there is wireless! This may not seem like a major thing to some people, but I take the train back and forth from Vermont to Philadelphia, a long 10 and a half hour train ride with no Internet.  I don't need the Internet to be on social media websites, I just would like Internet to watch movie on Hulu, or work o a paper by researching online. 

Megabus is a great way to travel for not a lot of money, I highly suggest it and hope that if you are planning a trip to the following places  you will consider them! 

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Here is my Tumblr page where I post panoramas, I've taken throughout my travels.

The Cliffs of Moher, Western Coast of Ireland

Russell Square, London United Kingdom

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Where Would You Go?

I asked a few of my friends the question, "If you could go anywhere... Where would it be?" Take a look at what they said. 

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New Zealand flash mob

New Zealand is getting all excited for the Rugby World Cup which will begin this friday, the 9th, in New Zealand. To celebrate fans created a flash mob of the famous Haka which is a traditional Maori (tribe of New Zealand) dance that the New Zealand All Blacks perform before every match to intimidate the apposing team.

Fans throughout New Zealand randomly appeared at shopping centers, and streets all began to do the traditional dance.  

Here is the link from the BBC where I found out about it:  

BBC News: New Zealand flash mobs perform Haka Dance

Photo Credits:  Cornell Rugby

The Essentials to Traveling

Amsterdam Netherlands

Through out the year, I have been a contributing writer to the website College Gloss which is a website devoted to female college students and covers topics that are related to college and graduation. I wrote a blog on studying abroad and when I came back from Dublin I made a list of what I think are the essential when it comes to traveling. Here are two of the tips I have come up with.
Pack Lightly
One thing that I found to be essential in traveling for a weekend or even a week is how easy it is to make so many different outfits out of a few items of clothes.  Some airlines are a really cheap, but they make up for the low prices by charging for pretty much everything! The carry on bag restriction is very strict with the rule of just one bag.  If you carry a backpack and a purse, you’ll need to stuff your purse in your bag. If you are traveling for more than a few days, this can be difficult.
Here is my suggestion on what to pack for a week of traveling: 2 Jeans, 7 pairs of socks and underwear, a dress, tights, flats, sneakers, t-shirt to sleep in, and two tank tops to wear under other shirts, a coat and a sweatshirt. I managed to pack all of this into my small backpack and I also had a small purse jammed inside. If you can plan your outfits and not wait to the very last minute, you will be set to have clothes for the trip that make you comfortable and stylish.
 Ask the locals
If you want to find something to do, or learn about a good affordable place to eat ask someone who lives there. In our hostel in Portugal, one of the men who worked in our hostel wrote and circled all the places to go.  In Porto, we went to a restaurant where there were just locals, and unlike the other restaurants we went to, the menu was just in Portuguese. We had to guess what we were ordering, but the food was delicious.  Locals usually love to help show off where they live! Just make sure you don’t wander off with one alone (safety first!)
Click on the link below to check out my full article!

Jet setter: 8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Travels

Travel is Apart of Me

Cape Roca Portugal: the westernmost point in Europe 
As Stated before, my name is Brooke and I am a senior studying broadcasting. Over the years I've fallen in love with the idea of traveling to every part of the world and learning new cultures. I was brought up in a house where we were are very international.  I grew up knowing people from both Mexico and France, and picking up sayings and parts of their cultures.  This is what makes who I am, and from a very little age I wanted to learn more about other people's cultures.  Here is an example of how I was brought up. 

A typical Sunday in the Stuart house:
 It’s 7 am on a Sunday morning; my parents, dog and I are all gathered around the television waiting for kick off. Not American Football, like most families, but Arsenal, the soccer team apart of the Barclay’s Premiere League from England.  We watch the game, and at half time my dad makes breakfast, usually potatoes, bacon and some sort of style of egg, it’s always delicious, my mom makes tea. The second half of game we are cheering for our Gunners. After the game we get ready for the day, and start to get ready for when my Grandfather and Godmother come over for our weekly Sunday Night dinner. When preparing dinner, my dad plays music, usually classical, French, or Brazilian; it all depends on his mood. We are all usually humming or dancing when we hear the music. If someone sneezes we either reply saying  “gazuntite” or  “salute!”.  

Now I just want to see more and experience more.