Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Im Getting Swept Away!

There are just so many forms of media out there! I'm getting swallowed up! So instead of having a blog on Blogger, I will be moving over to Word Press.  Please follow me over there, or just save it as a bookmark!  Just come on over to What Would Magellan Do?  to learn more about travel!

Photo: NY Times

Monday, December 5, 2011

Travel Fashion Friday: Dublin

I decided to take the easy root in launching Friday Fashion day,  I decided to go with the city I lived in last spring... Dublin! When going to Dublin I didn't know waht to expect, I sort of assumed it to be like London, or Boston, but I was proven wrong. I realized that it is very stylish and very unique. The fashion there isn't always over the top, but people still like to bring out their personal style.  Tights and boots were a great staple to many outfits, along with tights and Brogues. The looks they had were simple and had bursts of colors when they wore black.
One brand I found to be everywhere that I never heard of was "Paul's Boutique".
Paul's Boutique is an English design company from Middlesex created by paul Slade. Paul began designing  20 years ago when he went to a club and took a suit he bought at an Oxfam thrift store and tore it apart and made it inside out. He was spotted by a top london designer who bought some jackets, and have been growing around  The United Kingdom and Ireland ever-since. The first place I noticed this brand was heading to the local produce stand and walked past a store that sold knock-offs,  the time I didn't know it, because I saw Paul's Bouttique quilted jackets hanigng up,  but I soon learned that this was a popular brand and many girls were wearing the quilted jackets that had patches saying "I <3 PB" 
Not only is it known for quilted jackets, but his purses have both wild and subtle patterns along with some really cool tassels hanging from the side.  These coats at first were a little much for me but then I really started to take a liking for them. They currently do not ship to the US but if you are in the UK or Ireland you should check them out! there is a whole floor devoted to Paul's Boutique located in Brown Thomas on Grafton Street.

Travel Fashion FridayOne of my favorite photo shoot from Vogue: Keira Knightley in Africa

One of my favorite photo shoots from Vogue shot in Africa with Keira Knightley
For the past 2 years I’ve been trying to find a fashion blog I really enjoy, and I realized that the blogs I have found, are great and a lot of time was put into them, but they didn’t have that bizzaz that I was looking for. That “bizzaz”, is traveling and fashion.  Many of the outfits I wear have been inspired from what I’ve seen whilst traveling.  For example, when I went to London back in 2005 I saw that many girls were wearing skinny jeans tucked into leather boots, a year later that was the style in America, and before that was the style my friends thought I looked funny, six years later and the style is still around (with some adjustments).
For awhile now I've been wanting to create a blog that focuses on fashion and traveling. Not just what are the essentials to packing, which is very important, but also to let you know what the style is like  in different cities and countries. This way you can keep your eye out whilst there for places to shop and see what they wear at your destination.
I am now going to make my dream into a reality, I will be posting every Friday something to do with fashion and travel.  Keep in mind that I’m pretty bad at keeping up with something like this HOWEVER I will make sure to do my best to stick with this promise!