Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Mini Blog Vacation

Sorry for not writing for awhile... I've been so busy with classes and the play that I manage. Thankfully, long video project and play pracices and performances have commenced, and I can now come back to focusing on "What Would Magellan Do?"!
To begin, my other job on campus apart from managing the shows,is to work on in the study abroad office. While working there I have come up with a few video ideas for making the program grow, and to make both students and parents either current of prospective, to look into going abroad! This leads me to some VERY exciting news...
I will be going to Morocco this Spring Break!!!!!!!!!
Yes, that did need ti's own paragraph and many explanation points! I am so excited about it! I've wanted to go to Morocco forever, I honestly want to say since I was 10, because I remember having a picture up on my wall of it. I'm getting to go here because there is a class offered at Champlain which allows students to go to Morroco during spring break and learn about the culture and apply it to their major! What could be better for a girl wanting to go into travel journalism? I am beyond excited, and can not wait till the spring! Now I just need to get through these classes!

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